Happy People

People I already worked with are saying that:

  • their level of energy increased,
  • digestion is improving,
  • overcome menstruation issues
  • lost or started to lose the weight they needed,
  • overcome cravings,
  • skin health and appearance are improving,
  • discovered new delicious and healthy food and recipes,
  • they manage to maintain their healthy diet more easily,
  • they feel understood, accepted, and heard,
  • they believe they are on the good path and it’s clear what they need to do from now on,
  • grateful for all the support they received.

Health issues that I managed to overcome by having a plant-based diet with plenty of RAW foods and an abundance of fruits:

  • digestive problems,
  • a tired and overloaded liver,
  • low immunity,
  • headaches,
  • acne,
  • hormonal issues,
  • menstruation problems,
  • and so on.

Start your journey to Rebalance Hormones for Happiness!

Sharing The Happiness

Before starting the hormonal balancing program, I was experiencing chronic fatigue, unstable emotional states, and bloating, my energy seemed to be “on the rocks” and I had difficulty concentrating.
The greatest benefit experienced in this program is the recovery of energy and tone.
This experience was different than others because I resonated with the way you thought about the program. It was all with ease and joy. I didn’t feel limited, but on the contrary, I felt that I was broadening my horizons, that I was experimenting with new dishes, new combinations, and everything done gently. I really liked that there wasn’t a strict schedule, in which you eat at fixed times and weigh everything… Another aspect, which, although I wasn’t excited about at first, I came to appreciate, is the schedule I kept in the food journal. It gave me clarity on my eating style and helped me notice where there are deficiencies and be able to supplement them.
You will be welcomed by a gentle person who will accompany you on this road and support you at every step, towards a harmonious body, but not only, because this program is a journey in “all your worlds”, it includes everything … from physical, emotional, thought patterns ..automatic patterns and sheds light on the root, where all of this starts.
Courage! Take the step towards FREEDOM and HARMONY 💞


Yoga teacher

Thank you so much, amazing course.
Today I’ve made the first step to eat many many fruits. I feel that you transmit your state of peace to me.
Today you offered me a totally different holistic consultation…I have received in the past few aspects, but now I have received another perspective, firmer, more detailed over what I have to do and I am very happy about it. That I identified the main cause.
I feel much better with fruits and veggies, mentally, physically, and emotionally…a kind of peace and a way of praying, offering all to the divinity, like I was one with nature, with the energy in the fresh food.


I am very grateful for the help provided by Andreea!
I went through challenging days at the beginning of the year.
The consultation with Andreea gave me clarity and supported me in food choices that would support the change in my body.
I acted out of gratitude to my body and the improvements came in two weeks. I am happy and I feel lighter.
Thank you Andreea Ungureanu for your professionalism and warmth!


Yoga teacher

Continue the lifestyle that I have learned from you for which I am grateful. I kept repeating the benefits of the new diet, looking for as much information about it as possible and reading the stories of those who adopted this lifestyle. I had a craving for cheese at all times but my desire to change was greater. The presentations and discussions with you were great. The encouragement from you helped me a lot. With you, I discovered new food combinations, new tastes, and recipes… a lot.
I slowly began to feel full of energy no matter what time of day or day of the week. The kilograms did not go away immediately. That upset me a little because, yes, we all want the miracle to happen quickly even if that was not the main goal. I lost 6 kg in 3 months, most towards the end of the 3 months.
When the deadline set by me expired, I decided to continue. Why spoil something that works?
The program you created has become my lifestyle. I feel good, I have energy throughout the day, and I no longer have migraines or menstrual cramps.
I think a benefit of your program is the weekly sessions of presentations, discussions, questions, and answers. And of course, the encouragement I received in the moments when I felt I couldn’t go without cheese :).
When you are convinced that what you do is beneficial in the long run when you see the results and live them in your own skin when you have the opportunity and meet a passionate and dedicated person to accompany you from the first moments of change, this road is easy.
Thank you, Andreea!
You really helped me a lot!


Bucharest, Romania

In the past, I have struggled with eczema, allergies, low energy, and just overall body confidence. I have always tried to eat healthily but wasn’t sure what exactly I should be eating for optimal health. There is so much food misinformation in the media and online that I found it very confusing and wasn’t sure where I should be focusing my attention.

Since working with Andreea, I have developed a new sense of confidence with not only how I should feed myself but also my family as well.
In modeling healthier eating habits, my children have become more open to eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables.
I also feel like my relationship with food has changed. I don’t crave sweets as I used to and I genuinely enjoy preparing and eating healthy whole foods with my family.
My energy levels are high and I feel overall healthier and stronger.

For anyone who has struggled with chronic health issues and/or self-esteem, I would really encourage them to give her program a try.


Valencia, Spain

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the advice I received.
With menstruation, I saw that it was OK this month, she didn’t have that pain this time. Also, her face was cleaned up a bit.

Cristina (about her daughter)