Rebalance Hormones for Happiness Program

I created a Health Restoration System to help you experience amazing health results in a matter of weeks.

In order for your hormones to restore, your weight to balance, and your mood to stabilize, you need to cleanse your body with the right plan so it can move to the next stage – restoration. From there, you need to maintain your health rejuvenating lifestyle plan so your body can thrive and you can stay lean, energetic, and happy year in and year out.

Stop waiting for a miracle! Let’s work on making it happen!

You need to take the responsibility of getting healthy back in your hands! Your health it’s your right and your responsibility too! And the cost of doing nothing is unthinkable sometimes.

The rewards for taking action are massive … embrace your femininity, your true self, enjoy your body, feel more confident, more energetic, be able to fulfill your true potential, and be the person you were meant to be.

As a health coach, I want to show you that your ideal health is already here, you just need to embrace it and make it happen – all you need is the right plan, tools, and support in place. I’m here to help you make it happen!

How Does My Health and Hormonal Coaching Work?
Just 3 Easy Steps…

Schedule your free 45-Minute Rebalance Health Plan SessionWe discuss your goals and create a plan to accelerate your health transformation results.You take action with our support – and get your desired health outcomes.

What’s Included in this 8 weeks Program (body, mind and spirit):

  • 8 COACHING SESSIONS: each week we’ll have a Zoom call and each week will have a specific topic and also it’s a time to connect, share wins and challenges, ask questions and find specific answers. Each topic comes with an explanation to help you understand and guide you through changes. These coaching sessions will help you not just to achieve the results you desire in these 8 weeks but also to help you implement this lifestyle in the long run. (all our sessions will be recorded and sent to you so you could access them whenever you want)
  • WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION SESSION: what to expect from the program, understand the first steps we are going to take together and find out why these steps are so important for your health. I’ll share all the information to help prepare you before it starts.
  • WEEKLY HOMEWORK & NOTES: There will be weekly homework and extra information. These notes and information cover all of the topics we discuss in the coaching sessions.
  • RAW & VEGAN RECIPES WITH HELPFUL TIPS: recipes and tools to help you achieve your goals successfully. I have for you more than 50 recipes for salads, soups, cooked vegan meals, RAW and Vegan desserts, smoothies, and more. The main recipes are here for you to consume at a recommended minimum of three meals a day for each day and will be there for you day in and day out to help you through your journey. Please always feel free to adjust the recipes as you need and be creative with your taste and have a little fun it’s essential.
  • SHOPPING LIST: this is included in a separate PDF, to make shopping for your raw & vegan food recipes easier for you.
  • PERSONALISED RECOMMENDATIONS: extra blood tests recommendation that sometimes is necessary; in the transition phase or depending on the issues that you are facing some natural and very attentive chosen supplements could make your healing path easier; excluding or including some foods depending on the health issues.

Take a few moments to schedule your appointment with me where we will create a plan for you to lose extra weight, balance your hormones, and get your health on track.

Benefits of This Health & Nutrition Program:

  • This isn’t just a diet program, but it’s an ultimate guide to help you become the best version of yourself.
  • If you’re nervous about trying to eat raw or vegan, don’t worry because I hold your hand every step along the way with our weekly coaching, emails, and more.
  • This program is about an abundance of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables here, without deprivation or restriction of calories.
  • Whether your goal is better digestion, clearer skin, better sleep, more energy, or weight loss, I will help and teach you the tools to not only experience results within these 8 weeks but for the rest of your life!
  • This program helps you to build a strong foundation for yourself physically and mentally so that you can feel healthier and happier.
  • You’ll learn how to eat raw vegan or vegan (plant-based diet) sustainably so that you can thrive, and also you’ll learn why this is beneficial for your health.
  • If you’re tired of diets, then this program is for you because I teach you how to achieve HEALTH and HAPPINESS and set long-term goals for yourself. This is a way of life, not a trending diet.