Hi, I am Andreea Ungureanu and I am dedicated to helping you rebalance hormones, lose that extra weight, optimize your health, and live a happy and abundant life.

As a Certified Naturopath Health Coach with many years of experiencing and studying:

  • Nutrition,
  • Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, RAW-vegan, and Fruitarian diets,
  • Naturopathy,
  • Hormones and rebalancing hormones,

I’ve already reached many people with my message and assisted my clients in health and hormonal restoration.

I am here to help you too…

My passion for health is leading me to sustain and support people and also to create a community of sustainable health-conscious people around the world who I assist via Social Media and coaching.

Through my work, I help people like you to take action and learn how to :

  • reverse their hormonal imbalances,
  • overcome fatigue,
  • have more energy,
  • improve digestion,
  • sustain an active lifestyle,
  • achieve healthy weight naturally,
  • eat plenty of delicious and healthy food,
  • with the help of a holistic, plant-based lifestyle.

How did I get started on my healing path?

For many years, I’ve suffered from many hormonal imbalances without even knowing I had them.
I suffered from weight fluctuation, cravings, anxiety, headaches, mood swings, hair loss, and candida. My periods were irregular, heavy, and very painful.
I had acne on my face and back. When I was given the diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) I had no clue what it meant. But my doctor told me “it would be difficult for you to have another child!”.

Nonetheless, I got pregnant with my second child. I thought “It seems that things are not that bad” but this pregnancy was about to be the hardest time of my life.
I was at permanent risk of losing my child, I had to stay in bed almost all the time because of continuous and painful contractions. All those months spent in bed made me realize that I need to find A SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION FOR MY OWN HEALTH and for the health of my family.

For years, I lived with stomach pain, liver problems, adrenal fatigue, gut disorder, and skin eczema. My body was so inflamed and painful.

When I was a young adult, I used to visit many doctors because of my irregular and heavy periods, but none of them had an explanation, and none of them knew how to help me understand what was happening to me. They were just prescribing me birth control pills but I was feeling so much worse each time I was trying to take them. I was depressed and tired all the time.

I had a difficult and big puzzle to solve and NO IDEA where to start from.

It took me years of research, experimentation, and learning to figure out what was happening to me. Year after year I was discovering more missing pieces of the puzzle and with each step, I MANAGED TO REBUILD MY HEALTH and my life.

I tried so many things, so many approaches: no dairy products, no meat, no gluten, no cereals, taking tons of supplements and superfoods, Ayurveda, you name it, but it just didn’t work.
I learned that I need to take care of my body properly, I learned to listen to my body and be aware that it needs to have the chance to rebalance hormones, clear my skin, restore my gut, get rid of headaches and stomach pain, cleanse the liver so I could find my peace and happiness again.
It was a long journey and many times I felt lost, but I kept on going until I found a way to balance my body.

My desire to be healthy eventually led me to discover a plant foods lifestyle.

My adrenal glands, digestive disorders, PMS, PCOS, mental/emotional imbalances, hypoglycemia, food cravings, and fatigue were all gradually healed.

I witnessed great health improvements with my previous major health issues disappearing.

Now, after following a healthy, plant-based lifestyle for many years, I truly feel that my body, my mind, and soul have been regenerated. I now can enjoy myself, my family, and my friends.

From suffering and being out of shape to feeling vibrant, positive, and happy again – these are just some of the many benefits of this lifestyle.

I believe that in order for you to thrive in our modern world, you need to eat a healthy and natural diet that will help your body clean itself properly, and assist your liver, your gut, and hormones in natural detoxification, cellular restoration, and maintenance of optimum health.

The power of healing is in your hands! YOU are the only one responsible for your health! You have the power to restore your health, change your life, take charge of your own food and lifestyle choices, and stay beautiful, slim, and happy.

I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your health potential and create a vibrant, meaningful, and deeply connected life.

Now as my dream of being a Certified Health Coach came true, I’m here to help women who are struggling with hormonal issues balance their hormones, overcome PCOS, hypothyroidism, and fatigue, lose weight, regain emotional harmony and restore their health, naturally and holistically.

I want to help women embrace their femininity, enjoy their bodies, feel more confident, and be able to fulfill their true potential.

What health goals are you looking to accomplish?

Start your journey to Rebalance Hormones for Happiness!